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Rockstar-02 Collar Bluetooth

Brand: AMB Walk n Talk   Type: Bluetooth earphone   Compatible with mobile phone and tablet which have the Bluetooth function   Functions: Rockstar-02 Bluetooth is perfect for those looking to exercise, listen to music, driving up the phone to connect to device simultaneously. Lightweight and durable to use. Excellent noise cancellation technology makes voice is much clearer. With HD Voice technology provides excellent sound quality and crystal clear sound clarity with buttons for opening - and closing up - volume down on the side   Specifications: Wireless Version:v4+EDRV1.0V1.1V1.1V3.0V Wireless mode:free/headsetA2D0/AURCP/headset Wireless Frequency:2402MHZ-2480 Transmission Power: Class2 Transmission Range: 20M Charge Voltage:5v/100MA-300MA Charge Time:5H Battery Capacity: 100MA Working Voltage:3.6V-4.2V All AMB Walk n Talk Products are exchangeable within 14 days from the date of purchase subject to excellent physical condition & All AMB products are in warranty for period of 12 months.